Espresso Yourself Coffee & Café is family owned & operated. A friendly, cozy little coffee shop located in the vibrant neighborhood of Southampton, St. Louis.


We would love to greet you personally each day with a great cup of coffee and a smile

You can conveniently order online for in-person pickup, or have it delivered. Look around, we have filled our space with lots to look at, odds and ends and everything has a story…. just ask, we will be happy to share one with you! We’d love it you would consider us as the perfect location for your next gathering (think shower, surprise party, workshop, work function).

Your Home away from Home

Seeing your smiling face is what makes us the happiest. As a family run business, quality coffee and food and a comfortable atmosphere is paramount.

Grab a friend, one of our Signature Lattes (or Fan Faves), a breakfast burrito and enjoy some good convo.  Work from home and need a change of scenery?  A new place for a business meeting or to do homework?  We’ve got your back friend. 

New #GoodVibesOnly House Blend

When creating a blend, we look for balance with an all around Good Vibes feel.

#GoodVibesOnly artfully combines two Latin American coffees to achieve a medium body & balanced cup, with unique acidity and a soft finish.