Sisters Sandwich Shoppe Featured in Sauce Magazine

Sisters Tracy Calabro and Jules Karagiannis are looking forward to opening Sisters Sandwich Shoppe by the end of March or early April, as reported by St. Louis Magazine. This will be their second establishment in Southampton and is located at 5353 Devonshire Ave. in the space adjacent to their already-popular Espresso Yourself Coffee & Cafe, which opened in 2018. 

“We have cultivated a sense of community here at the coffee shop,” said Karagiannis. After the Macklind Avenue Deli burned down in 2018, Southampton residents started to miss having a local sandwich shop in the community. “Someone put the idea in our head that the neighborhood was missing Macklind Deli, and that we should open a deli or sandwich shop, and we said, ‘Well, OK!’”

Read the full article in Sauce Magazine here.