Dear Viewer,


I was born and raised in the Saint Louis area and I’m currently wrapping up my final semester at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, (in pursuit of a social media marketing certificate). Prior to this, I spent a few years at Missouri State University (Springfield MO), studying and receiving a graphic design degree.

My display is based on the theme of digital art and vector based drawings (shapes made on Adobe Illustrator that make pictures look like a cartoon). I unintentionally became a pro at using the pen tool on this particular software, and prefer using a regular computer mouse to a drawing tablet. This all started when I created a vectorized portrait of my mom once for a class and then everyone wanted one of themselves and their dogs. It’s become a sort of freelance gig. When I got sick of drawing dogs, I moved on to landscapes/architecture: the Alaskan northern lights scene, the windmill and building structure that were based on photos taken in Amsterdam. In addition, I vectorized a selfie I took on my trip to Amsterdam as well. I love vector art for how tangible it seems, like it’s about to step out of the page and come to life.

The only one that isn’t vector based is the Taylor Swift “Speak Now” album cover recreation. I wanted to teach myself how to draw human forms in a more “realistic” way, but I’ve been told she looks more like a disney character here. In addition, I also have an abstract painting I made using real pastels and then scanning it into Adobe Photoshop and adding some effects. I call it, “Heatwave” because it reminds me of those ethereal looking fake puddles you see on hot days.

My hobbies aside from art include: aspiring novelist, long distance runner, and I play a little guitar and sing. In relation to UMSL, I’m wrapping up my last few weeks as a weekly radio DJ at the radio booth, an Arts and Entertainment editor for their Newspaper, “The Current”, and a member of their acapella group, “Vocal Point”.  I’m also a paid singer at a church in Kirkwood, and a member of the “Saint Louis Women’s Chorale” hosted at Maryville University.

Thank you for looking at my display,

Lauren Johns