Hi, my name is Madeline Broekelmann and I am a speech language pathologist who enjoys painting in my free time. I discovered my love for acrylic painting in high-school. Since then, I have continued to paint and have enjoyed painting various images for myself and friends. Some of my favorite things to paint are butterflies and flowers. I have also recently developed a passion for creating coloring sheets for my students to color during speech therapy. I love seeing them color the drawings I created and watching the images come to life.

I am so excited to have my artwork displayed at Espresso Yourself Coffee & Café and hope that you are able to stop in and look at it. I discovered this coffee shop this summer while I was visiting various coffee shops in South City to practice self-love and self-care. I love the concept of the coffee shop and have enjoyed creating artwork to be displayed. I hope that you’re able to come check out my canvas boards and coloring sheets. You’ll find lots of bright colors that are perfect for the Spring and Summer.