Hi, I’m Sam and I like to take photos. Photography has always been my main creative outlet, I’m always jumping from one hobby or project to another but I’ve always had my photos whenever I need to create. I love every bit of the process. From going out and finding weird places and compositions, to getting the rolls home and processing them myself, scanning them to my computer, and finally printing them out for people to enjoy. It’s certainly a lot of steps before I can even see what I’ve done but for me that only makes the moment of hitting the shutter that much more special.
My work mainly reflects the order and symmetry that can be found in every little place and time in our lives. As I’ve grown as a photographer I’ve found I can “see a photo” wherever I am. That process of placing a subject in just the right spot through light and composition is what I love about the medium. It’s a big reason why I use film for all of my personal work. It forces you to slow down and consider every bit of a photo before you commit, forever sealing that moment in time on a strip of film.
Photos with the 6×7 label have been photographed with my Pentax 6×7. This seven pound hunk of metal Released in 1976 is my go-to camera. while its very impractical for just casually taking a photo, its constraints have guided me though finding my own style and process of taking the photos that I love
Polaroids are shot with my grandfather’s old SX-70. It’s hands down my favorite camera to use. The little blemishes and imperfections left on the photos makes every single frame unique.