My name is Linette Hernandez and I’m a local Mexican-American artist originally from Granite City, IL now based in St. Louis, MO. My mediums of choice are pen and paper, and acrylics, but I also dabble in others as well. The art I create is eclectic and does not like to conform to one style. Mental and emotional health are common themes in my creations. My artworks range from ordinary and benign, to grotesque and in your face. I base most of my art on emotion and reaction so i am inclined towards improvisation as a part of my process since emotion is quite volatile. I aim to try to capture it and convey its complexity. I like to play with color theory and apply it in my technique when creating abstract, realistic, and everything-in-between art. I started drawing when I was 3 years old, and didn’t commit to pursuing art full time until a couple years ago. My hope is to convey the spectrum of human emotion (triumph, struggle, etc. ) from my perspective and connect and bring catharsis to those who have similar battles with their own emotional health.