The ability to form immediate, intense bonds with others has been honed by my years as a surgeon. Similar bonds are created with the animals and people I paint. My work depicts deep contrast of light through chiaroscuro, or yin and yang energy. This contrast, like the tension between good and harm, will, hopefully, translate this connection to the viewer and uncover compassion and, ultimately, peace.
By capturing the essence of the subject, I hope to spark humanity’s innate ability to see through the lens of kindness. Desire for a nonviolent world is a prism through which my work is transformed into love and light for the subjects. Use of saturated, vibrant color is an attempt to ignite the viewer’s mind. Thus, allowing them to swim against the tide of complacency, and to become their most enlightened and compassionate selves in a peaceful world.
Chosen medium: Acrylic paint on Clayboard
I live and work in Ste Genevieve County and Saint Louis Hills Missouri